5 Reliable Websites That Allow You to Buy and Sell Furniture

If you are looking to sell or pick up used furniture online, here are 5 great reliable websites that allow you to buy and sell furniture in a few steps!


If you have ever sold or bought anything online, you know things can get real complicated, real fast. Even though there are millions of ecommerce stores, websites, and marketplaces today, there are a lot of scammers and unreliable sellers who can make things complicated.

If you are looking to sell old furniture or maybe pick up used furniture online, here are 5 great reliable websites that allow you to buy and sell furniture in just a few steps:


  • Chairish – This is an online marketplace that features home goods for all furniture lovers out there. All interested buyers can enjoy free shipping on more than hundreds of home goods while sellers can list their furniture for no charge on the website. If your listing is accepted, Chairish will pay up to 80% of the sale and arrange shipping. There is a Chairish app which includes a simpler process for sellers to upload a photo, list an item, and add a description.
  • OfferUp – You can download their app and connect with the local people instantly. You can buy or sell furniture in your area. It is pretty much the Uber of selling and buying furniture online and just like Uber, sellers and buyers are given a rating by people they have dealt with. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play.
  • Apartment Therapy Marketplace – This is a marketplace with globally inspired pieces of furniture. All interested buyers can discover local treasures such as vintage and antiques, secondhand, handmade, and resale items. This platform will help you sell furniture online and help potential buyers find unique and amazing items. This platform does not deal with transactions or delivery.
  • 1stdibs – If you are amazed by the vintage decor and you are looking to buy something online, go through the collection 1stdibs offers and find items from all over the globe. This luxury marketplace is known or vintage furniture and antique items. This is a one-stop destination for all those who like high-end furniture.
  • Letgo – A very similar platform to OfferUp. This site makes it super easy to go through tons of great deals on furniture items such as electronics, furniture, and cars in your local areas. You can download their app (it is available on iTunes and Google Play). Once you will find something you like, you can message the seller and arrange place and time to meet.


Keep these great websites in mind the next time you are ready to buy or sell furniture.




How to Sell Furniture Online on eBay: 3 Pro Tips to Keep in Mind

Interested in selling furniture online on eBay? Here are some great tips that will help you sell furniture online like a pro!


There are many people who think that selling furniture online on eBay is a piece of pie. Even though it is easy to list an item, and open your store, becoming a successful seller takes time and careful planning.

If you are interested in selling furniture online on eBay, you need to think about how you will overcome obstacles, what specific settings to use, and much more.

We have some great tips for you, tips that will help you sell furniture online on eBay like a pro:


  • Focus on smaller shippable items – We can all agree that it is not cost-effective or practical for a buyer to pay for shipping for 12-piece dining room set and a mahogany wardrobe. However, smaller items are a fair game on eBay as all kinds of small furniture is presented on garage sales, antique markets, estate sales, flea markets, and etc. According to experts, small furniture can be a win on eBay. We highly recommend you to focus on items such as end tables, ottomans, bar stools, mosaic tables, child-size rocking chairs, steamer trunks, office chairs, plant stands, lamps, folding tables and chairs. If the item you sell is unique, the buyers may overlook the shipping cost.
  • How to set up shipping – Before you list a certain item, it is smart to think about shipping. Can the item be packed in a box? It is super important to know the shipping charges before listing a certain item as if you don’t charge enough, you are stuck. You cannot ask the buyer to pay more just because you didn’t do your calculations properly. Also, you shouldn’t assume that potential buyers won’t pay an expensive shipping rate. If they want to buy something badly, the shipping price won’t be a problem. If the item is collectible, antique, and has a real value, shipping won’t really matter.
  • Arrange local pickup – Another option for bulky, large, and heavy items is to arrange local pickup. There are buyers who will drive hundreds of miles to get the right piece of furniture so don’t assume your item won’t sell if you offer local pick up only. The items listed with Local Pickup appear in the search results together with items offering other shipping methods, regardless of where you or your item is located.


Selling furniture online on eBay is a great option and with the right strategy, you can become a successful online seller.