Guide to starting an online furniture drop shipping business

Many people prefer the scalability and cost-effectiveness of a dropshipping business. Unlike other business models that have the complications of inventory, warehousing, and fixed monthly expenses, all you do with a dropshipping business is take orders. What’s more, with a dropshipping business, you only pay your suppliers for inventory after clients have bought it!

If you have a passion for offering people the furniture they deserve to have a pleasant home or a functioning office, an online drop-shipping business is the way to go. All you will need is a computer, a stable internet connection, patience, and a reliable supplier high up in the supply chain. If you want to start an online dropshipping business selling furniture, here is a reliable guide:

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a model of business in which merchants act as a go-between between clients and suppliers. This is how a drop-ship business works:

  • You start a website for your furniture business
  • You receive an order for a product listed on your website and payment
  • You pass the received order to the specific supplier or manufacturer for the product as well as a wholesale price
  • The manufacturer or supplier will deliver the packaged order with your contacts and brand details to the client.

This mode of business operation means that you will never have to buy or handle the products by yourself. You will not have storage space expenses, sorting troubles, or spend any time ensuring that orders are delivered on time. Your profit will come from the difference between wholesale price and selling price.

Legal requirements

Every business has legal requirements, which you must meet to avoid hefty fines or lawsuits. The first question many beginners ask is whether dropshipping is legal: it is indeed legal. The main question that arises is whom the responsibility lies with in case of an undesirable event among the dropshipper (you), the manufacturer or supplier, or the site builder. However, when running your site, you need to consider these aspects:

Anti-spam law: if you have a list of clients’ emails and are using email newsletters for marketing, ensure that you do not spam them. Spam could irritate them and will ruin your reputation.

Register your brand: To avoid clashing with another brand, ensure you register your brand as a trademark. It will help you stand out and remain memorable for clients.

Ensure that your website is PCI compliant: PCI compliance is a must for any site that processes online payments. PCI compliant sites ensure that client data and financial details remain safe from hackers.

Client data security: your site collects personal client data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Ensure that your website keeps this data safe from malicious people, especially identity thieves.

You also need to speak to your local, county, or state officials to find any licenses and permits you need to obtain. Moreover, many manufacturers will want to see an EIN (Employment Identification Number). The EIN is an indicator that you are tax compliant, regardless of whether you have employees or not.

How to find a reliable supplier

Finding a reliable manufacturer or wholesale supplier is key for a successful dropshipping business. Choose a supplier with a great reputation, who is willing to offer you a dedicated sales rep, and has a reasonable delivery time. Here are some tips for finding the best supplier for your furniture dropshipping store:

  • Research manufacturers and suppliers that fit your business objective

What do you want to sell to clients? Different manufacturers make different types and quality of furniture. A search engine will provide a list, which you can sift through by asking around about their reputation or reading online reviews from previous clients. you can also find the manufacturers from the products themselves

  • Contact the manufacturer/supplier

You can send an email to the manufacturer to ask if they support dropshipping or if they can also offer a list of reputable wholesalers. Use professional language and email.

Build your site

An SaaS website builder is the best solution for anyone looking to build a great e-commerce site. Site builders will let you create a dazzling, robust site with e-commerce functionality in minutes. They also provide features like SEO, analytics, SEO, thousands of themes for site design, and customer service. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars in website developers’ fees. You will pay between $29-$299 per month depending on the package and site builder you choose. Some of the best site builders available for you to choose to include:


One of the best site builders for e-commerce entrepreneurs is Shopify. It is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and offers a host of features, which include:

  • Social media integration: you can add Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon to your site
  • Hundreds of free and premium apps which you can use to extend your site functionality
  • Excellent storefront design with seven free and hundreds of premium themes
  • Reliable security/PCI compliance
  • Email and newsletter support
  • Reliable customer support
  • Inventory management

Shopify has a 14-day free trial, after which you can start with Shopify Basic plan for $29.


BigCommerce is just as excellent for online dropshipping businesses; it lets you integrate your store with wholesalers for convenience in inventory management. BigCommerce also gives you access to many free and paid apps, such as Printful for the creation and delivery of customized tees for clients. Your default storefront may offer some issues with the initial design, which is because of the many additional functions it has. They offer a 15-day free trial which you can try. The lowest package, BigCommerce Standard, costs $29.

How to get traffic to your site

SEO is one of the best ways to market your site; it ensures that people who have never seen your site are able to stumble into it and get amazed by your services. You can also use social media marketing, where you can have paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Consider taking out space on newspaper, design and home décor pullouts, and magazines like Architectural digest.


The tips above will help you start a robust online furniture dropshipping business on the right foot. With this guide and the right supplier, you are well on your way to living out your furniture selling dream.

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