6 Examples of a Successful Online Furniture Store: Find Your Inspiration

Sometimes, we all need inspiration. Something that will motivate us to make the first move and hopefully take us on the right path.

The furniture industry is no different.

If you’ve decided to enter this business niche, you are probably analyzing and comparing websites, gathering information, so you can start building your own furniture store. What you need at this point is to see an example of a successful online furniture store.

We’ve gathered 6 amazing furniture companies that will inspire you with their ecommerce store. Take a look.

5 Furniture Stores to Impress You

The furniture industry includes a wide range of products – from vintage sofas to napkins. The smaller products may have powered the online growth so far, however, big products are popular as well. These products are a necessity and the truth is we can’t live without them.

Designing your own furniture store depends on the types of product you sell, your brand, and your target audience. You need to customize your store based on your business and customers’ needs.

Here are successful furniture businesses that caused a lot of noise on the market.

1.From The Source

From the Source is one of the most popular and successful furniture stores on the market. Powered by Shopify, this store is number for a reason.

As you know, there is nothing worse than shopping for something online only to find out that the product is not shippable. This company handles shipping pretty well. At the top of every product category page, you can find the option All Items or Shippable. According to the company, the best way to build trust with customers is by setting expectations from the start. You are here to serve customers’ needs and that is what you have to do.

The store also adopted a rapidly-growing trend. When you find a product you love and click on Add to Cart, the shopping cart displays via split screen. This keeps your attention on your purchase while giving you an option to continue shopping. Isn’t that great?

  1. Umbra Shift

Another successful furniture store, worth analyzing. Powered by Magento, Umbra Shift’s website is everything – It starts with a homepage and three menu options – About, Designers, and Products. Once you click the full-screen photo, you are directed to a page with all products, shown in a modern and clean grid.

Click on a specific product page and you will notice a large photo on the left. On the right, you will see that the product name is at the focus, with a short description about it underneath. For more information, click below the description (the product dimensions appear over the photo).

Experts say that the online store can only be as excellent as the product. The product should sell itself and the store’s design should complement the product. Umbra Shift is one great example of how product and website should compliment each other. With beautiful and high-quality photos, their products come across.

3.Hugo and Hoby

What is so special about Hugo and Hoby? Well besides their amazing store design, this company takes good care of their customers by offering them quick and secure shipping. Once again we prove how important shipping is in the furniture ecommerce business.

Powered by Shopify, Hugo & Hoby’s website has a product page where several products are labeled with a banner that says Quick Shop. If you click on the banner, it says that the product can be manufactured (handmade) and delivered in four days.

For those products that aren’t labeled Quick Ship, there is a timer. There is a message that says that quality takes time and that you should order before the counter hits 0 to have your product handmade and delivered to you.

We all know that online shoppers prefer fast shipping times, and apparently, Hugo and Hoby know that as well.

All of their products are handmade and they have done an excellent job of setting and fulfilling expectations. 

  1. Bend Goods

If you are looking for unique designs that are perfectly crafted and will delight your aesthetically, look no further as Bend Goods is the right store for you. Their philosophy has always been around designing products that are equally as appealing as they are functional.

Powered by Shopify, the website is well-organized, simple, and modern. The home decor and furnishing industry understand the benefits of big, high-quality, and beautiful images. When you select a product on Bend Goods’ website, the next page transforms into a full-screen product photo. The selector, as well as, the product information are displayed at the top left of the photo.

What is so special about their store is that you can customize the products by choosing the color, paddling, and etc. and the photo changes according to the updates. You know exactly how your product is going to look like. 

  1. Stone Forest

Another furniture online store powered by Shopify. This brand shows us there is really no limit to what you can sell and purchase online. From garden to kitchen and bath products, you can find everything you need in one place.

Looking for a natural fire vessel? Look no further as you can add one to your shopping cart now. Prior to every purchase, you can get a quote on freights shipping.

Keep in mind that there may be extra steps in the buying process, especially when you get something unusual (in terms of shape, weight, and size). If you want to get an exact shipping quote, you can contact the customer service department.

We admire the fact that they keep updating their product information and that you can research and purchase unique products online. 

  1. FYRN

One thing is clear – FYRN knows their purchasers and they are people who like handcrafted and unique products. For example, if you want to purchase the Mariposa chair (one of FYRN’s best products) that will cost you $495 if you assemble the product at home. For those who want to get the chair fully delivered, the price is $725.

We were amazed by how FYRN introduces shipping and labor costs. You know exactly how much a certain product will cost you. They also do an excellent job of setting expectations for their delivery.

Online Furniture Store: Final Words

We hope these 6 furniture stores will inspire you and help you design the ecommerce website of your dreams. With a well-designed furniture shop and high-quality products, you will achieve global success.