6 Tips for Building a Robust Marketing Strategy for Your Furniture Store

If you have just started a brand new furniture store, you must invest both time and resources to an aggressive marketing campaign. Starting a great store without marketing it is like writing a great poem and not publishing it on a blog! Even though you have a great market share, your marketing efforts should be just as aggressive to remind your clients of your existence and to keep competitors at bay. Furniture advertising should not have to be daunting and unbearably expensive. There are many marketing methods that can significantly benefit your store regardless of its size. Below are some expert tips to guide you in building a marketing plan for your marketing store:

Give your website a facelift

If the last time you updated your furniture store website is 2012, then you need to do some serious upgrading work. Is your site SEO-friendly and mobile responsive? You also need to add some new imagery, videos, slideshows, and color to your website. Consider having some expert advice to guide you in giving that website a facelift that will make it more pleasant, user-friendly, and neat. Other modern technologies available include 3D animation, AR, and VR. 3D, AR, and VR can allow your clients to view your products far more clearly, and even visualize how your pieces will transform their living spaces.

Figure out who your target audience is

What kinds of furniture do you sell? What are the characteristics of your target audience? These characteristics include age, hobbies, financial status, and what they would want most from the furniture. Do they want something simple and functional, something luxurious and dazzling, comfortable, or artsy? Understanding all these concepts will help you tailor your marketing efforts to engage and delight them. Your advertisements also need to assure them that they will get exactly what they want from your furniture store. Moreover, you will be able to reach your targets wherever they are (on the internet, at home, via mass media).

Get on social media

It is impossible to talk about marketing without mentioning social media. Facebook alone has over 1 billion users logging in for at least one hour every day, which is a huge crowd. Pinterest is another area fast gaining popularity for people seeking inspiration for home design. You need to market your furniture store on these sites, along with Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Use relevant hashtags and significant events in the pop culture horizon to generate popularity for your brand.

Digital marketing

Marketing that reaches the internet audience is a must-have for an effective strategy. Today’s furniture shoppers will be looking through Amazon, social media, and their browsers to find excellent furniture at the lowest costs. Being found on this list is key in getting more buyers. Some basic digital marketing methods for a furniture store include:

  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Video and image use
  • Pay per click
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing

You can hire a digital marketing agency to iron out your current digital marketing campaign’s inefficiencies or start a new one altogether. Failing to have a robust all-round digital marketing plan means that your competitors are already edging you out.

Traditional marketing campaigns

While digital marketing is inexpensive and delivers far better leads compared to conventional marketing campaigns, the latter methods are still relevant. Print, radio, and television ads will help reach out to the older generation that still likes to relax over their favorite shows or read the paper first thing in the morning. What’s more, this generation is often more moneyed and will most likely buy your pieces. Dedicate a small fraction of your marketing budget to traditional advertisements to have a wholesome plan.

 Your loyal clients

If you have a client that comes straight to your store for their children’s furniture requirements, it is time to reward them for their loyalty. Discounts, branded tees, and after-sales services are a few ways of keeping them coming back for more and making them feel valued. Securing new customers is often far more laborious and expensive than retaining the loyal ones, so make an effort to keep your store as their first choice. You should also maintain an active marketing campaign to remind long-time clients of your existence and remain relevant and fresh in their minds.

Train your sales team

If you have a sales team, they are your brand representatives, and you should, therefore, invest resources and time to keep their training up to date. Train them to be persuasive to keep the leads going, but respectful to potential clients. You should also train them in the use of your products, such as assembling and disassembly, so that they can demonstrate how to use the products. They will also be able to show clients why your items are better off than the competitions’.

Have a reliable customer support team

Customer support is an indirect way of marketing your store. If you have an excellent customer service desk and phone support, your clients will recommend your store to others for having excellent customer service. Many clients often have trouble assembling pieces of furniture. Having a FAQ’s page, live chat, and email support, plus phone customer service is essential and will have more clients coming back.


Furniture is often a long term investment; once a client buys a bed or couch, they may not come back for quite a while. You, therefore, need to have a robust marketing campaign for your furniture store to ensure that clients come to you for their furniture needs rather than your competitors.


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