2019 Trends In Furniture Retail

The modern customer is very demanding because they have so much choice. Anyone who is in the furniture retail sector needs to keep up, to meet the demands. A retailer has so many trends that can help boost their business. We will explore trends you can adopt to satisfy and attract more customers.

· Take Advantage of Influencers

Influencers have one advantage to them; they have a large social media following. Most of them are also very good at blogging and will have many readers just waiting for what they have to churn out. The other advantage is that their followers tend to emulate what they do, and will most likely base their purchasing decisions on what the influencer suggests. Their ability to shift brand perception is stronger than any analog advertising can achieve.

If you are selling furniture, you should think about engaging the services of the right influencer. Do your research well to ensure that the influencer aligns to your brand. The next step is to offer the furniture they can then talk about. The right influencer knows how to sell products without making it sound like hard-sell marketing. They are experts at pushing subtle messaging, which will impact positively on your brand.

· Take Advantage of Technology

Those in the furniture business are starting to get a lot of orders for furniture that have specific features.  Customers want multifunctional and technologically up-to-date items. You will, for example, find a higher demand for power recliners, those with smart device charging stations, mattresses that track sleep, among others.

The customer is looking for ways to use technology to provide convenience to their everyday living. Interestingly enough, they do not seem to have a problem with paying higher prices. As a retailer, you cannot continue to sell outdated furniture with the hope of turning a profit. You have to keep up with what the customers are demanding while keeping your expenditure at a manageable level.

· Think About Immediacy

The modern customer is impatient and is willing to do anything to cut down on waiting time. Any furniture seller who can process orders and ship them to the final destination in the shortest time possible will make a killing. Look for ways to speed up the purchase process for your customers. You can, for example, focus on smaller, curated items. Do not slip up on the quality, because the customers know what they want.

· Train The Staff Members On The Latest Trends

You may have the most modern, technologically-advanced furniture in your store. But anytime your customers call in for information; the staff members cannot handle the queries. The customer should know that they are dealing with someone who always knows what they are talking about.

If a customer has to wait for feedback, they will most likely move on to another retailer who knows what they are selling. You also do not want the situation where a customer has to Google for information because you’re not able to provide it. Train your staff appropriately. If there is a new trend, you must take the time to equip them with relevant knowledge.

Also, think about incorporating the use of technology to make the work easier. Gone are the days of pen and paper, now the modern retailer has mobile devices with relevant apps to help with the transactions. Such apps allow for inventory management, cataloging, confirming of price lists, calculating discounts, among others. A process that would have taken 10 minutes now takes less than two minutes, thereby increasing efficiency. With better efficiency comes higher customer satisfaction resulting in better conversions.

· Augmented Reality (AR) And 3D Configuration

You now have the power to let customers know certain information before they leave your store. You can, for example, use 3D technology to let them have an idea about how the furniture they purchase will look in their space. The customer has a chance to play around with different colors, shapes, accessories, and materials before making a purchase. They can also get modular furniture configurations.

You have so many online tools that you can use to improve the customer experience. The right tool will also do the pricing so that the customer gets a quote immediately. Whatever you do on your website should optimize for mobile.  It means that even if the customer is using their mobile phone or tablet to do their shopping, they should be able to get realistic 3D models. You must ensure that the browsing experience is pleasant. Slow loading pages will lead to frustration on the customer’s part.

Final Thoughts

2019 is an exciting year with regard to furniture retail. With so much technology available in the market, you can improve the customer experience by giving them choice, efficiency, and convenience.