11 Best Marketing Tools for your Online Furniture Store

Today, marketing is more about SEO, website optimization, content, social media, and other digital approaches. Sustaining an effective marketing strategy is often one of the most challenging roles for any business owner, and yet is the only way to keep clients coming.

Fortunately, you do not have to go through the motions of making an effective marketing campaign by yourself. If you are running a small online furniture store, there is a whole host of apps and tools on the internet that will make marketing less about groping around in the dark and more effective. In fact, over seven thousand tools exist to help business owners in marketing, and this article will highlight 11 of the most reliable ones.


SEO is one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing. Ahrefs is an excellent tool for understanding how optimized your online furniture store is for search engines. It lets you track social metrics, keyword use and positions, trending content, and analyze your content. It also carries out keyword research for you. Ahrefs is the better SEO tool for the quality of information it provides and has priced packages that range between $79 and $2500 per month.


Hubspot is a one-stop-shop for digital marketing; it has features that assist with sales, customer support, email marketing, analytics, and other aspects. It will offer you all the features you require to build a reliable marketing and business development strategies. You can start by using Hubspot for free, but the premium plans (Starter, Professional, and Enterprise) for up to $3200 offers you these features:

  • Lead capture forms
  • Email tracking
  • Live chat for customer support
  • CRM
  • Sales meetings scheduling

Another great thing about Hubspot is that you can integrate it with other marketing tools for even better results.

Survey Anyplace

Customer feedback is vital both for marketing and to make the necessary changes for customer satisfaction. Survey Anyplace is a tool that lets you build a custom survey for your brand and its unique needs. The survey will be mobile-ready and quick to ensure that clients are not overwhelmed with excessive questions. Getting feedback directly from your customers will ensure that you get accurate information to ensure better strategy creation. Survey Anyplace is free and goes for $42 for enterprise-level businesses.

Google Analytics

Analytics are features offered by Google for free to help you track and analyze the behavior of your site visitors. Do your clients visit your website and browse through your products or stay for two seconds and leave? This information is important to ensure that you can tailor your website to keep clients on your site for longer and encourage them to buy your products.

Google Analytics is free to use but costs $150,000 for Google Analytics 360. All you need is to integrate a small section of JavaScript code embedded onto your website, and soon, you will receive helpful traffic reports.


Hootsuite is a reliable and popular tool used by marketers for social media automation. With Hootsuite, you can plan and schedule social media posts to ensure your posts reach users on other time zones. On your dashboard, you will also be able to manage your social media engagements and find relevant key hashtags and influencers. Hootsuite has paid plans that range between $29 per month to $599.


MailChimp is another excellent and free email marketing tool used commonly by marketers and small businesses. It helps you automate your email marketing campaigns and these additional features:

  • Website traffic monitoring
  • Can be integrated with other software
  • Email templates

MailChimp is a remarkable tool that is easy to use, especially for beginners.


Canva is your go-to app for all things graphic design; you should not have to hire a graphic designer. If you want to design some intuitive shapes, logos, charts, banners, and other graphics quickly on your smart device or computer, consider downloading Canva. It lets you make some beautiful items using drag and drop functionality from its library of high definition images and ideas. Canva is free to use but to avoid building a design that others already have, getting a premium plan for $12.95/month is highly advisable.


Followersonk is your app for marketing on Twitter. It mines Twitter for information, for instance, the Twitter accounts to follow and target and the kind of content that will engage your followers. This tool will also help you develop a solid Twitter content and marketing strategy. Followerswonk is free to use and has priced plans that cost up to $79/month.


Website loading speed is a key parameter in determining your website’s ranking on search engine results. Pingdom lets you run a site speed test to determine how long it takes to load your website plus pointers and tips for improving it. Its premium features offer you a full website analysis and costs between $13.95 and $454 per month, but the site speed test is free.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a tool that provides you with up-to-date information about how your customers use your site. It offers you a range of services including:

  • Click reports
  • Scroll maps
  • User session recordings
  • A/B testing tools
  • Heat maps

These may sound rather technical, but the features above will tell what seems to engage your clients most on your website, how long they spend on it, and the areas on your website that need improvement for lead conversion. Crazy Egg has tiered packages going for $24-$249 per month.


Buzzsumo is your tool for the content marketing side of digital marketing. This tool will find the most shared content online related to your specific area, which may include home decor, trends in furniture design, and other areas. You can also apply a filter to refine your results according to the type of content (videos, blogs, etc.) The premium plans give you information on relevant influencers. This tool is excellent for finding the most effective and attention-grabbing headlines. Buzzsumo is free to use, but for the more advanced features, the premium plans cost between $99 and $999.


This list contains the best tools available for advertising a growing online furniture store. These tools will help you generate better results from your digital marketing campaigns and make better long term business strategies.